About Us

Transitioning into Self-Sufficiency

The vision of Liberty City Community Revitalization Trust is to empower those who live, learn, work and play in Liberty City to reclaim, transform and rebuild our community.

To ensure that City of Miami's short-term and long term goals can be accomplished; the City Commission approved Ordinance, No. 12859 that establishes Liberty City Community Revitalization Trust ("Liberty City Trust") that will sunset in 2010. This is a new vision for the Liberty City/Model City Community. The Liberty City Trust is responsible for facilitating the revitalization efforts in the new Liberty City/Model City jurisdictional boundaries, which expanded to include I-95 west to the City of Miami boundary and SR 112 north to the City of Miami boundary. Our goal is to extend the vision of the Liberty City Trust for a sunset year of 2014 through the ownership of properties and development of new businesses in the Liberty City area.

The Liberty City Trust in cooperation with the City of Miami and our strategic partners will (1) facilitate the development of affordable housing -- homeownership, rental and supportive services; (2) ensure full employment for residents at a living wage or greater; (3) facilitate residential and commercial development in the area; (4) facilitate technical and financial assistance for businesses; (5) attract new businesses to the area; (6) facilitate area beautification programs involving home owners and rental property owners to upgrade and maintain the appearance and value of properties in the community; (7) work with Miami Dade County Public Schools located within our boundaries and youth programs to improve student services, student performance, parent involvement and increase students awareness of their civic and social responsibilities for where they live; (8) ensure that senior citizens have access supportive programs designed for them; and (9) improve safety and security in the area.

Strategic partnerships have been established with various developers, businesses and organizations in the community, and in close association with City of Miami and Miami Dade County to ensure that the quality of life, services and safety for our residents, businesses, and institutions is commensurate with that of other well attended areas throughout the city and county. (Please refer to our "Partners" section of the site to view a full listing of our Strategic Partners)

The Liberty City Trust will measure its goals by collecting quantitative data that will detail (1) the number of new home owners in Liberty City; (2) the number of commercial and residential properties built/rehabilitated; (3) the level of increased participation by residents in community based activities; (4) the reduction of litter and illegal dumping in the area; (5) our effectiveness in addressing crisis situations in the community; and (6) the number of completed special projects. In addition, surveys will be conducted to ascertain the level of satisfaction from our residents, businesses and institutions on an annual basis.

This is a new day, a new vision and the Liberty City Trust is working together with strategic partners to improve the total quality of life for our residents and our community.